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Believe in you!

I will bet I have been where you are! You are a heart-centered spiritual healer or intuitive. You are struggling with figuring out where you belong, what your worth is and have an inner critic or outer judges beating you up and telling you where you should be and what you should do.

I struggled through this. I had a difficult time owning up to what I believed and speaking out for what I believed. I said what I thought would make others happy so I would fit in and they wouldn’t reject, criticize or judge me.

It was a struggle – a long-time struggle until about 10 years ago. I didn’t like that feeling of constriction. I felt like I was running out of time find my purpose and be who I desired inside to be. This bird needed to fly free.

But then the question was how? I secretly started finding and connecting with other spiritualists, intuitives and other people who believed as I did; Those who had the same gifts and talents.

As I connected more and more, my confidence and self-esteem grew. As my confidence and self-esteem grew, I began to step out into my passion. The cage door was opening.

Things still crept up: self-worth issues, comparison issues, but I had the tools and support in place to help me through these as they come up.

“I’m not as talented or educated as this person.”

“I don’t make as much money as that person.”

“I can’t charge what she’s charging….I don’t have enough experience.”

Bird Free from Cage

I can help you take those steps that I had to fight through. To make it easier for you to follow your passion with a plan. To work through your baggage that is blocking you so you can make that journey easier.  To give you the tools to do your own inner work as it rears its ugly head.

I am a teacher, coach and healer specializing in Reiki, crystals, chakras and cord cuttings. I am a Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader, Reiki Master, and  Certified Crystal Healer. I have a special connection to the Archangels.

 I have been where you are. I can help you with the awareness and inner work so you can go deeper and fly out of your cage.

Let’s get started with an Intuitive Awareness call!!

Discover how you can become aware.

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