I’m willing to bet that I’ve been where you are. Feel like taking the bet? Okay, let’s get to it.  So, you’re a heart-centered healer, Earth Angel or intuitive. You struggle with figuring out where you belong. Your inner critic beats the heck out of your self-worth. You’re surrounded by judgment and rejection. Sound familiar? I thought so. You are not alone! Speaking my truth absolutely shook me to the core. Always said what I thought would make how to write a evaluation term paper others happy. It felt like I was in a cage of my own making, hiding in the corner, afraid of criticism and rejection. It was a struggle – a long-time struggle until about 10 years ago.


This bird needed to fly free!

I couldn’t spend one more minute inside a cage. Running out of time to find my purpose.  Who I really was deep inside.

This bird needed to fly free!

But how to do that? I secretly found and connected with others like me, who thought like me. My confidence and self-esteem grew and I began to step out into my passion.


The cage door had opened!

Things still crept up: self-worth issues, comparison issues, but I had the tools and support in place to help me. Do you? Do you know what having the right tools and the best support looks like for you?

Stop running around with a paper bag over your head.

I can help you easily take steps I had to fight my way through. Coming out as an intuitive in a conservative area was so frightening. Do I come right out at dinner and say, “Oh by the way, I’m an intuitive and I hear Spirit Guides. I talk to Archangels”. Do I blast it out on Facebook and on my web page? How do I get comfortable speaking my truth? Finding support and knowing that I’m not alone allowed me to take those small steps to gain confidence and self-esteem.

Follow your passion with a solid plan.

As a perpetual student, I was afraid that I didn’t have the knowledge or experience to charge for helping others.  More classes and certifications will help. Right? Wrong! Visibility and owning my own worth was what I needed. But how? Trial and error is definitely not the most efficient way, I’ll tell you that!

Owning your passion, your self-worth, and value is the goal but having a plan clears the road for a smoother path.

(Finally) dump the baggage that’s in your way

Are you done listening to people saying you have to make six figures or you’re a failure? I don’t base my success on a dollar amount and you don’t have to either. That’s some heavy luggage you can drop right there!

Who cares what you charge for your services or how much you make? Everyone has an opinion. Ditch that bag full of guilt right now because I can help you find the sweet spot where you feel valued for the skills and experience.

And this is a big one – looking outside yourself theessayclub.com for guidance and advice. It’s great to get opinions but when it comes down to it, only YOU can truly know what feels right for you.  YOU have the answers, you just need to access them and BELIEVE in them. I’ll show you how.

Along the way, you’ll see there’s no room for fear, rejection, criticism and failure.  They do nothing but drag you down. Learn how to shift out of those energies to ones that really keep you moving. Inner healing of past lifetimes, guilt society has put on you, or restrictions you have put on yourself is a must for everyone. You get support and guidance to live your passion and speak your truth; you also are given the tools needed to bust your way out the paper bag you place over your head to hide from facing fears and moving forward even when you’re on your own.  This work is not for everyone…. But if you’re ready to move forward, face your fears, do the work, and bust loose

Then I can help you find healing to emPOWER YOU

Let's Do This!