Archangel ChamuelIt has been an interesting week working with Archangel Chamuel. Before this week, I had heard of Chamuel but had never worked closely or exclusively with him.

Even when I say his name now, I get a feeling of warmth radiating through my body and I know it’s PURE LOVE. Unconditional love that he gives (and teaches) freely.

He inspires us to realize that we must first love ourselves before we can give love to others. Chamuel guides us to see our shortcomings and once we see them, he helps us to forgive ourselves for those shortcomings.

During this week, Chamuel has helped me develop new relationships, renew current relationships and release those that no longer serve me. He is a relationship expert.

He will help you find your Soul Mate (if you happen to be looking – I’ve already found mine) and help you to build a long-lasting, meaningful and healthy relationships. And not only with your soul mate, but with a friend, relative, or co-worker. He can even help if you are having a difficult time with your parent or with your child.

Another way Chamuel can help you if you experience a hardened heart. If you have been badly hurt by someone, are full of negative emotions, or have lost someone close to you through death or divorce, he can help guide you through it with pure love. Chamuel releases you from a heart that’s been blocked by depression, hopelessness, or despair.

How do you know if Chamuel is near? You will feel butterflies in your stomach or feel a tingling in your body. You, like me, will feel surrounded in a warm, loving energy. It’s like feeling the most love you ever could feel and then multiply it. Yeah, that much.

Anxious to work with Chamuel?

Pink Heart Candles

Sit quietly. Light a pink candle if you can. Imagine yourself bathed in a soft pink light.


Now open your heart and allow him to lead your thoughts and feelings. Tell him your hopes and dreams; the desires of your heart, and TRUST that if it’s for your highest good, it will be granted by Chamuel.


Chamuel is associated with a pale green color and the crystal, green fluorite; both associated with the Heart Chakra. LOVE again.

Looking for love in all the wrong places and not finding it anywhere? That’s the perfect time to ask Chamuel into your life and into your relationships. Feel the love.

In light and love,


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