Archangel HanielEverything in our life follows cycles: ups and downs, ebbs and flows like the tides of the ocean or waves breaking on the shores.

During those times, we need to learn when to work and let the cycles push us to new heights or when to ride the wave and let it take us where it may. Relaxing. Just going with the flow, seeing what comes up on the inside, deal and let go.

Nature is full of cycles. Weather patterns. The Seasons. The Sun, Moon, and Stars. Tides. All rotate and move in cycles. Farmers watch the cycles of the seasons for the best planting and harvesting days. Fishermen watch the cycles of the water and fish for the best fishing.

Moon cycles

Life itself is a never-ending cycle of birth, life, death, and re-birth.

Our emotions follow cycles. Our energy follows cycles. Some days we’ll be on top of the world; happy and full of energy. At other times, we’ll be introspective and feel we need rest and time within.

There’s cycles of the day, week, month or year. When we learn to use the cycles instead of fighting against them, things go much smoother. Everything falls easily into place.

AA Haniel

Doreen Virtue Archangel Oracle Cards

I have learned working with AA Haniel to respect and acknowledge my cycles. All of my cycles. If I have work to do, whether it’s a blog, web re-writes, yard work or laundry, if I am in one of my “down” cycles, there’s no sense even trying to do it. Things will just go wrong and it will take me twice as long to accomplish my chore. I know that’s the time to meditate, take a soaking bath, or commune with the Archangels.

If I’m on a “high” energetic cycle, work flows and plenty of it because I am working with nature’s cycles, the moon’s cycles and going with the flow as I’m meant to go.

In love and light,




PS What about you? Do you follow cycles or do you try to “fight” against the wind? Ask Archangel Haniel to help you learn your cycles.

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