It has been an interesting week with Archangel Raphael, “he who heals”.Archangel Raphael

First I want to remind you of some of AA Raphael’s characteristics and special gifts…

AA Raphael’s greatest gift is that of a healer. He heals not only people of physical, emotional and spiritual dis-eases, but animals too. Do you have a dog or cat that is ill or has been showing behavioral issues?  He can help.

Raphael doesn’t follow any timeline (since there’s no “time” as we know it in their vibration) so he can heal past lives as well as present concerns.  Something that’s occurred in one of your past lives (or to an ancestor of yours) can be causing the illness you’re dealing with today.

He helps AA Michael with energetic cord removals….those pesky cords attached to you from another person, place or event that are draining your energy and giving you the blahs. He comes in after Michael to fill that empty place left from the “surgery” with love and healing energy. [To read more about this psychic surgery, go to]

Energetic Cord Removal

Traveling soon? Did you know that AA Raphael is the Patron AA of Travelers. He watches over you during your physical travels (especially by air) and during inward spiritual journeys, helping you find the truth and giving you the guidance you need.

Patron of Travelers

Some other lesser known areas that Raphael can help you with are

  • Finding lost pets
  • Reducing and eliminating additions & cravings (trying to beat those sugar and caffeine cravings?)
  • Clairvoyance (third eye seeing)
  • New business ventures
  • Issues involving technology or written words
  • Buying and selling (new home buying or old home selling problems?)
  • Memory improvement, exam-taking, or learning a new language


One other area that AA Raphael has helped me during this last week was to understand more fully why I’ve been feeling “out of sorts”, sluggish and just not “whole” feeling in the soul/physical area.

That blah feeling that I’ve been also blaming on the “winter blues”.

During a morning meditation, I decided to bring this feeling to Raphael since he’s the Healing Guy, right?

In his chummy voice, I “heard” him say, “You’re going through a huge transformation, moving to a higher vibration so you can be a bridge between the physical and the AA realm. All your energy is being redirected to move into that higher vibration and draining you in the physical. It’s temporary. To help replenish your energy to get you through this, you need to go to bed earlier and rest. Return to a meditation practice or yoga to pull your straying energy back to you. As soon as the transformation is over, you’ll recover all of your energy plus more.”

Bridge  to the Archangels

After receiving this message, I know why I’m feeling as I do and how to get through it which makes it much easier to deal with. I was worrying that it was energetic cords or other physical health reasons and, of course, that was draining my energy too through the stress.

You too, can ask for AA Raphael’s help with all types of healing. Ask, Let Go, and Watch for Signs/Messages.  Easy-peasy!

Archangel-Raphael raphael2

How do you know when Raphael is around? You will see sparkles of emerald green. AA Raphael appears carrying a medicine jar and staff or walking stick. He is surrounded by a green aura. His season is Spring so as we near the first day of Spring, he will be more visible around you. If you work with any crystals, malachite and green aventurine draw his energy towards you and aids in healing.

AA Raphael Crystals

According to Doreen Virtue, “When you ask Archangel Raphael for a healing, he immediately goes into action on your behalf. His treatment methods are custom-tailored to each person’s situation and needs. Sometimes he performs direct intervention; and the person will feel strong tingling sensations, followed by a complete and instant healing. Other times Raphael will guide the person to the appropriate healing professional.”

Raphael helps healers and doctors on the physical plane, so as a healer myself, he’s one of my “favorites”. [Don’t tell the other Archangels.]

In love and light,




Wisdom Teacher

P.S. Are you in need of healing? Energy cords stripping you of energy and holding you back? Feeling stressed out and need some Reiki? Out of balance and not in sync with your body? See where I can help at and schedule a healing session with me. AA Raphael will be there too.

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