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Chakra Healing and Balancing

Get your energy flowing

The 7 Major Chakras are energy centers at specific locations in your body and also above and below your body.

When these areas are open and clear, your energy in your body is able to flow easily.

When these areas are blocked or off center, the energy is also blocked. Over time, it may become weaker, completely blocked or out of balance and may not be in a good enough condition to provide our physical body with the vital life forces it needs to keep it healthy. Illness therefore, first begins as imbalances in the energy field, which if left untreated, filter through to the physical body to create illness.

When you receive a Chakra Healing and Balancing, your centers re-align and your energy flows freely throughout your body as it was meant to flow. Your energy level will increase. You will feel lighter after just one session. Your thoughts and direction will become clearer.

Increase your vitality

Experience free-flowing energy

Bring peace and tranquility to your life

Remove imbalances

I recently had my first chakra reading/healing session with Cheryl and it was AMAZING! I suspected there was something out of balance in one or more of my chakra energy centers because I was feeling out of balance, stressed, and sluggish. Cheryl skillfully and gently guided me through each one of my 7 chakra energy centers, which was incredibly enlightening and soothing. After just one session with Cheryl, I walked away feeling lighter - as if something had shifted in me creating a very peaceful and relaxing feeling throughout my mind and body. What I loved most about working with Cheryl is that she provided me with the steps I needed to experience that same deeply relaxing experience at any time on my own. I highly recommend working with Cheryl!

Vivian Joy Phillips, PhD

Founder, Once Upon An Archetype

During your phone or Skype session, we will  work together to open, clear, and balance any disturbances or blocks that are found.

You will leave the call with easy steps to keep your chakras clean and flowing.

The Chakra Healing and Balancing Package consists of  a 45 - minute phone call

  •  Identify any imbalances you are experiencing
  • Participate in a guided meditation together to examine, clear, and infuse each of your seven chakras
  • An Archangel chosen just for you and your situation
  • Leave the call with easy steps to follow ot keep your chakras clear and balanced


Chakra healing* can provide a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience.

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