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Reiki HealingImagine dealing with the pain of fibromyalgia…

And then being able to say, “I believe the Reiki healing is working. It was for me; my pain has gone. I feel like it is working inside out getting rid of it.”

Imagine your best friend is very scared because she is having major surgery…

And then being able to say, “My friend is doing a bit better, feels a bit more energetic. I think the Reiki had something to do with this.”

Rei means ‘God’s Wisdom’

Ki is ‘Life Force Energy’

Reiki’s beautiful life force energy flows through you giving you the power to heal yourself.

Those practicing the healing art of Reiki have been through training and have received attunements during each stage of the training. A Reiki attunement is an initiation to open up crown, heart, and palm Distant Reikichakras to allow Reiki energies to flow through. As you progress through the stages of Reiki, each attunement opens these areas more; increasing the energy flow.

Those “attuned” in Reiki have opened their channels within them allowing this gentle healing energy to flow from the Source through them and out to others.  The “middleman” doesn’t have to go into deep meditation or know where the energy needs to go…Reiki knows where it needs to go to heal.

Reiki can heal humans, animals, and even plants. Reiki can heal not only the physical, but the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies where the ailment has begun.

It can be used

  • To bless foods and those who make it.
  • To send peace and love to events or situations
  • To send healing to the past, present or future
  • With traditional medical treatments to enhance the treatments and counter side effects

Reiki helped one of my daughters during the labor of her second child. My granddaughter was coming 8 weeks early. Needless to say we were all concerned and my daughter had experienced a hard labor during her first child’s birth.

While giving her Reiki, the monitor would show contractions but she was calm, talking and laughing. My granddaughter was born that night with ease and had no major medical issues. She was released from the hospital after only 3 weeks and today is a healthy, happy five year old.

I attuned my sister in Reiki Level 1 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She would give herself Reiki treatments as I would also send her Distant Reiki. She is now cancer-free with the help of conventional medicine and Reiki. Throughout the whole situation, she kept a positive outlook, which I also attribute to Reiki’s ability to bring peace and release stress.

Reiki may not always heal in ways that we think it should heal. It has a greater picture of healing.

MaggieI sent Reiki to my 16 year old dog, Maggie, as she was dying from old age. The Reiki didn’t keep her alive, but it did allow her to cross over gently and peacefully. It also helped my husband and me deal with the grief of losing a loving member of our family.

That is the power of Reiki.

In light and love,


Are you or someone you know in need of Reiki’s gentle healing? Is there stress in your life that needs release? Every Thursday, I send Distant Reiki healing energy to those who have requested it. Submit your Reiki healing requests at http://bit.ly/Z5KMwy and experience how Reiki can help you and those you love with its gentle healing way.

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