Reiki isReiki is life-force energy hand’s on healing. 

Right. But what is Reiki really?

Reiki is a safe, gentle healing technique that compliments traditional healing.

Right. But what is Reiki really?

Reiki is something that you need to experience first hand if you truly want to understand what Reiki really is. We can use many words to describe the benefits and outcomes of Reiki but until we really feel Reiki energy flowing through our bodies, I don’t think you can truly get what Reiki is.

Reiki is many things….

It is Energy, of course, but it has many benefits also…

Reiki helps to reduce stress. You can come to a Reiki healing session tense and stressed out from the day’s or week’s events and leave with a peace and tranquility that you thought was next to impossible to have. 

Reiki promotes relaxation. It brings a serenity and bliss to your whole being like no other. 

Reiki supports the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Reiki energy is a Universal life-enhancing, life-changing, life-saving, life-force energy. It flows from the Universe through the Practitioner into you and re-charges your own energy to heal and renew.

Reiki reduces fatigue. Reiki should be a part of your self-care. It is energizing and transforming. 

I can go on and on describing what Reiki is, but until you experience Reiki, words are just that…only words.

Reiki is words

In February, May, August and November, I hold a Reiki Share in Oil City, PA for Reiki Practitioners who are attuned in Reiki I, II, or III, those who have had Reiki treatments and want to experience one again, and those who are interested in Reiki but have had no experience at all.

Don’t worry that you have never experienced Reiki or aren’t sure what it even is; we all have energy flowing through us. The difference is the amount of Reiki flow increases with attunements and experience.

A Reiki Share is a gathering of people who want to give and receive Reiki energy as a group. The energy is much more concentrated than a one-on-one session because you are having 3 to 6 people sending them Reiki at the same time instead of just one. You receive Reiki for only 10-15 minutes. But that is equivalent to a full half hour private session.

As in a private session, you remain fully dressed in comfortable clothes, except for shoes, lying on your back comfortably on a massage table. If you have a physical reason you cannot lie on the table, you can receive Reiki while sitting comfortably in a chair.

Since everyone is different, each treatment is different and your experience can differ each time. But the majority feel peaceful and relaxed when their time is over.

Interested in experiencing Reiki? Check out my Events page on Facebook for the next Reiki Share.

In love and light,


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