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Healings and Clearings

Energetic Work Speeds Up Results

Reiki Healing and Angel Card Reading

Reiki creates and promotes self-healing, balances energies and revitalizes. “It felt like a wonderful glowing radiance After the how to write a introduction paragraph for a process term paper first treatment, I felt relaxed, calmed, and very good. Almost, rejuvenated.” Wouldn’t you like to experience this healing energy in a powerful, non-invasive and gentle way?

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Certified Angel Card Reader

Chakra Healing and Balancing

When your energy centers throughout your body are blocked, your energy is also blocked. Illness begins as imbalances in the energy field, which if left untreated, filter through to the physical body to create illness. Rebalancing your centers allows your energy to flows freely throughout your body as it was meant to flow.  Read more…

Energetic Cord Removal

Anyone who has had a difficult relationship with a significant other, parent,boss, or a situation can benefit Energetic Cord Removal makes theessayclub a big difference to you and to your relationships. Would you like to free yourself from feeling tired, drained, weighed down by people or events?

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