Intuitive Awareness

Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them. ~Henry Ford

Why is that?

Let me tell you a story…

Once Upon a Time not that long ago there was a young woman searching. Searching for the answer. She bought book after book from popular authors hoping they had they answer. She dropped so much money on classes and courses, listening for hour after hour hoping they had the answer. She asked everyone their opinion looking for the answer.

The problem was….nothing worked.


She didn’t know what the problem really was. How can she solve a problem if she really didn’t know what to solve?

She was comfortable. It was scary to think she had to change something, to give up a life that was comfy-cozy for something unknown.

She didn’t want to face the fact that SHE was her own problem. She was standing in the way of her own success. After all it wasn’t her fault she wasn’t bringing in money and clients into her business. She was doing all the right stuff.

It wasn’t until she met that one person that asked her some hard questions. Questions that she was afraid to answer or even be asked for fear that she would be laughed at, criticized, or even worse, abandoned.

This person provided a “safe haven” where she could express her deepest dreams, concerns, and fears without judgment.

Once she was asked those questions, she became aware of what she wanted, aware of issues and blocks that were stopping her, aware of what steps were needed to align her desires and beliefs into what was in the outside world.

She then realized having inner limiting beliefs can flow over and impact all areas of her life. When she cleared her stuff, she realized that she had the answers all along, had the tools already to heal, and was emPOWERed.

That young woman was me.

Me, not too long ago.

Unable to find the answers and searching in bad relationships, job after job, program after program.

Asking others for their opinions and then following them without question only to discover, it wasn’t me. THEIR values weren’t MY values.

And on top of it, I still didn’t have the awesome life or energy flowing like they said I would.

Something was missing. Until….I asked for the right support and waited to see what would appear.

What showed up was someone who gave me a safe place and awareness that was life changing.

She asked the hard questions that I avoided because I afraid of criticism, abandonment and judgment.

That type of baggage can flow over and impact money making.


Awareness highlighted what needed work to become a better person, employee, boss, partner, parent, and friend.

In that safe place answers appeared. Not from the outside but from within. A knowing that a Healer and Intuitive could earn money. Could run a business and be successful and still align with inner values. Could have a successful and happy life.

Awareness is the doorway to more…satisfaction, dreams, peace, joy.

Change can begin when you become aware.

Showing up for you now is someone who gets YOU, who listens without judgment, who will gently lead you to your awareness.

Start with an Intuitive Awareness call to discover the energetic blockages that are causing you to be less than you could be; that is stopping you from being emPOWERed.

You will discover what needs work to get your abundance energy flowing. You have choices, value, and the freedom to express your views and who you are.

Once aware of your energetic block, you can clear it.

Energy will flow freely like water down a beautiful river.

Where energy flows, abundance grows.

Abundance showing up in relationships, opportunities, and money making.

When you clear your stuff, you can look within for the answers with confidence and create the life of your dreams!


Release those blocks, clear the fears, and bring yourself to a place where your life and beliefs match


Discover the steps needed to bring you peace and joy into your life


Examine your emotions and discover what is holding you back


Face each day with vitality, confidence, and freedom

Sign up for your Intuitive Awareness call and open your doorway to more.

Your recorded call will be followed by an intuitive Angel Oracle Card Reading for added insight and guidance on steps to help you moving forward.

 Awareness is the doorway to more….

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