Einstein on IntuitionGut feeling…..Instinct….Hunch….Inkling…..Sixth Sense

These words or phrases are thrown around by almost everyone at some point or another.

Why not call it what it is….INTUITION!

Intuition is the unexplainable force that guides us, protects us and gives us insight “out of the blue”.

We all possess it.

We just don’t all develop it and use it. We don’t all quiet ourselves from the busy outside world and listen to the still voice of the inner world within ourselves. We don’t want to admit we have it. We want to rationalize it with our left side of our brain.

BUT it is a gift…an amazing powerful tool waiting for development and expression, but is often ignored or forgotten. It tells us to take a chance, to go down this path, to accept opportunity that is knocking at our door.

Why should I develop and use my intuition you ask?

Intuition helps to give us a deeper understanding of the world within and around us. Intuition helps to direct our thoughts, feelings and decisions to be more in line with the true nature of things.

Intuition helps to identify negative events in our lives. The upset feeling in your stomach when you know “things” just aren’t right. It can steer you clear of danger or physical or emotional threats if you listen to it.

Intuition can open you up to new paths. By stilling your active mind and using your right brain (which is the side that is responsible for intuition) to be creative and imaginative, new doors will open when you least expect it.

Intuition guides you to make wise decisions. When we listen to our inner voice to know what and when to make decisions, you will gain confidence and peace of mind. This allows us to follow the paths that are true to our heart and true to ourselves.

Intuition helps you to live a fulfilling life. Intuition brings truth. Truth can hurt sometimes, but truth can wake us up to what is not right in our lives. With awareness comes change and transformation leading us to a life that is genuine and fulfilling.

How do I know it’s intuition and not just fear telling me what to do?

Intuition is peaceful, centered, emotional and detached.

Fear is emotionally-charged, chaotic, and vague.

Try this experiment and feel the different reaction in your own body:

1. Stand relaxed and still.

2. Tell yourself, “I love drinking poison.”

3. Feel the reaction in your body. Is it pulling back? Is there a slight sickening in your stomach? Is there a tightness in your throat? This is how your body feels when there is danger or untruth.

4. Now tell yourself, “I love drinking cool, clear water that nourishes my body.”

5. Feel the reaction in your body. Is it leaning forward? Is there an ahhhh (peaceful) feeling? Does your body seem to relax? This is how your body feels when there is a truth.

Are you now saying, “YES, I want to develop and use my intuition to have a genuine and fulfilling life, but how?”

Let me give you some simple things that you can do:Einstein - Gift of Intuition

  1. Learn to trust your intuition by listening without judgment. When you get those feelings, when you get those nudges, listen and observe your body’s reaction. Don’t brush it off as your imagination or wishful thinking. TRUST….NO JUDGMENT
  2. Learn to become more self-aware. This goes along with the first step. Be aware of your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, reactions and how they impact you and the people around you. The more you are aware, the easier it will be to hear that still voice of intuition.
  3. Journal. Writing strengthens the use of the right side of your brain and connects it to the logical left side. It increases your creativity and imagination. It also connects your emotions and reactions to events.
  4. Take a breather. Take a break from the hectic, chaotic everyday life. Go outside for a walk and listen to the birds, bubbling water, or silence. Meditate. Do anything to quiet the mind so the heart can speak.
  5. Eat Healthy. Yes, that can help your intuition! Eating too much sugar or too many carbohydrates can fog your mind, interfere with concentration and cause fatigue. What you eat correlates to physical symptoms which can obstruct intuition.
  6. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Support! Support! Support!

Linda Sechrist wrote in an article about intuition, “With intuition, we have a personal compass and an ally in discerning what is authentic and true for us so that we won’t be tugged and pulled in different directions when we make decisions.”

With that in mind, it is difficult for me to understand why EVERYONE would not want to develop and use their intuition. Better business decisions could be made. Better life decisions could be made.

Trust Your IntuitionIntuition is not just a Spiritual thing. Intuition in the Spiritual world is simply people who realized that by getting in touch with their inner knowing, developing it to the fullest, and using it to bring this inner knowing to others to help them make decisions,  leads to a fuller, more fulfilling, gratifying life for all concerned.

What can you do to develop your intuition?

What have you done to develop your intuition?

Leave a comment and share with others so they may have a more fulfilling, peaceful life.

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