Top of the World by Imaging DragonsLearning Earth's Lessons

‘Cause I’m on top of the world, ‘ay

 I’m on top of the world, ‘ay

 Waiting on this for a while now

 Paying my dues to the dirt

 I’ve been waiting to smile, ‘ay

 Been holding it in for a while, ‘ay

 Take you with me if I can

 Been dreaming of this since a child

 I’m on top of the world.


Ever have a song come on the radio that just hits you like Bam! That’s what happened this morning when Imagine Dragon’s song, “I’m on Top of the World”, came on during my drive to work. It’s one of those songs that just get you dancing in the car and puts a smile on your face.

I was dancing up the sidewalk and even started whistling the song. (Good thing it was 6:30AM and dark!) I was smiling and happy going into work instead of saying in my head, “Crap…I have to go to work and deal with _____”

Lifelong LessonsIt also brought me a message….life on Earth is a school. Are you struggling with your lessons or are you making the grade?

We all have times where we feel we are failing…failing relationships…failing careers…failing health. All of us. No one is able to skip these classes. They are mandatory.

The difference between those who are passing or failing…is perspective!

How do you look at those lessons? Do you have “woe is me”…”poor me” mind talk? Or are you like the ones that are “on top of the world” in the midst of turmoil saying “I take it in but don’t look down”.

What mind talk and judgment are you passing on to yourself? Do you say, “I can’t succeed because I was shamed as a child” or “my planets are not aligned” or “I am held down by my boss, my partner, my parents? If they wouldn’t ______.”

Nothing drives me crazier than hearing someone who has a beautiful home, a loving partner, great children, a career opportunity saying, “My life is not going anywhere. Everything is against me. I just can’t do this or that because ______________”. Fill in the blank. Poor me talk.


Not only are your bringing YOUR energy down, your vibration down…you are bringing down the energy of those around you.


Could that be the reason you are not attracting that great partner….that great career…that great life?

What would happen if you took a step back and changed your self-talk? What if you looked at Earth school as an awesome classroom. A place where you seized the challenges of life and looked at them from “on top of the world” looking UP not looking DOWN. Turn them into opportunities. Perspective is everything. It’s the glass half empty versus half-full thing.

Try this…pick one area of your life (just one) that you find yourself saying, “I am in this situation because ______” and turn it into, “I’m in this situation, BUT I’m going to ____________” and DO IT. And while you’re at it, turn on a happy song and dance, sing, whistle! Raise up your energy and your perspective will change.

If you find yourself saying, “Yeah, but this really doesn’t change anything. This doesn’t take away_____. I’m still _________”. That’s the self-talk again.

Tough Days


NO “yeah, but’s” allowed!


Try it! I dare you! I dare you to live your life to the fullest! To enjoy life. I dare you!

Comment below on how this works for you (or doesn’t work). What DOES work for you? When you change your perspective, how does that feel?


In love and light.



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