•  “I can’t charge for a gift from God.”Baggage
  •  “No one will pay me that much for what I do.”
  •  ‘I’m new to this I don’t have any experience, so how can I ask for that price?”
  •  “I can’t charge what others are charging. Definitely not more!”
  •  “I can’t be a sleazy salesman.”

Why is it that people who provide a heart-centered or intuitive service feel like they shouldn’t get paid and must give it away?

My previous blog, “We of the Woo Are People Too” illuminates some of the reasons in general why people like us give away our gifts or provide a deep discount for our services.

But, if the above is true, why is it that some charge very high prices for the same service? I have seen readings for free or $5.00 on Facebook and others charging hundreds of dollars for a reading?

Why the difference?
Owning your value!

Ones charging more:
1) Believe they have talents – not gifts
2) Own their value
3) Have resolved their money issues

In other words, they are clear about their value and what they have to offer. They have overcome their view of money as something bad regardless of where it originated (Past Life, dysfunctional family, religious belief).

How’d they do that?
SupportSupport – I found the one key piece that helped me come out with my beliefs was finding support from like-minded people. I found people like me who I could safely talk to (without fear of criticism or judgment). I realized that there were others like me and I was OK!
Inner work and Clearing – Being open to learning about yourself, forgiving yourself for past mistakes, and becoming aware of beliefs that you hang on to and why are all necessary to “unpack” your baggage. When this happens, your load lightens and you can move forward in your life and business much quicker and easier. They are all intertwined.
Baby Steps – It can be so overwhelming and frightening if you feel like you have to have all the answers at once and have a big “coming out” party. I started with very small “baby steps”; first talking to my support group, then to family and friends that I knew would understand, then to a few friends and family that I wasn’t sure if they would get it but knew they would love me anyway. Finally I set up a web site and Facebook page to the public. With each step, my confidence grew and the next step was a litter easier.

The vital piece to all of this: After becoming aware, change needs to be made.

Energy needs to be cleared and moved. If you don’t, there are consequences. Energy won’t flow and you will be stuck where you are – not attracting clients or making the money you want.

Are you ready to start?
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I look forward to hear from you and the insights you have received.

In Love and Light,


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