A couple of days ago I posted on my Facebook page some steps that you can take to release things that held you back in 2015 and one thing that you want to achieve in 2016.


If you missed it, you can find it here: http://on.fb.me/1MCdhU4

I decided that I should do the exercise myself and not just say it is for you to do. Also if I declare it to others and not just in my own mind, it’s harder for me not to follow through….so here goes.


The 5 things I want to release of 2015:

  • My drive for success. Success is a very subjective term. My feeling of success comes from not only making money and having clients in my business, but acknowledgement from others and accolades. I ask myself…is that really what I want from my business? No.
  • My comparing myself to others. I guess that is also part of my definition of success…seeing myself as less compared to others. Why do I need to compare myself? Why do I feel less than? I am a divine creature of Source/Universe/God…unique and serve a purpose that can’t be compared to others…it is unique to my higher self.
  • My belief that I don’t have enough time. Everyone has the same amount of time and if the Universe wants to “give” you more time…it can make time stand still. Haven’t you ever felt like you were going to be late for something and then when you get there, realize you weren’t anywhere near late after all? There will always be time for things I enjoy. I need to release those time-wasting items and use that time on things that bring me joy.
  • My excuses for not exercising or eating poorly. I know I feel better when I work out, walk in nature, and eat food that is good for me (not drenched in caffeine or sugar). I use the excuse that I am too tired after a stressful day at work, even though I know if I go workout or walk after a day like that, I will feel so much better and have a lower stress rate. No more excuses.
  • My fear of judgement and criticism for the work that I do (and I might say enjoy). I love Reiki, intuitive readings, and teaching others how to find and live their truth, but I shrink when I’m asked what I do or stumble on my words. I get tongue-tied when I try to answer questions or talk about my work. I have made progress with this in 2015, but there is more to release.

The one thing I want to accomplish in 2016 is to climb another step higher towards greater enlightenment and my true higher self. In other words, do that which brings me joy.


This may sound vague to some, but my thought is if I reach higher for my true self….how I truly feel in life without the influences of outside fears or criticisms, I can better serve other through my work and reach success that’s not comparative or based on material things, but through what brings me joy.


The five things that I plan on doing to reach this accomplishment in 2016 are to:

  • I’m going to work 20 minutes a day on my true life business, cherylpastor.com, on activities that bring me joy: Reiki Shares, teaching assertiveness to Earth Angels, the Meetup Group, crystals, chakra clearing and so much more. I get a smile on my face just typing all of these things.
  • I’m going to send Reiki daily to myself and friends, family, and others who have requested Distant Reiki be sent to them. Working with Reiki brings me much joy.
  • I’m going to spend time each day talking to my Spirit Guides, Angels, and/or Archangels. Their wisdom has helped me so much in the past and I don’t take the time to hear their guidance. But that has changed. I will speak with them daily and listen.
  • I am going to speak to others more about the work I do that I love and find joy in without the fear of judgement or criticism. I am going to find at least one network connection a month to get the word of my work out to others or expand my network.
  • I am going to be more aware of joy that comes into my life each day and if I’m not feeling joy, ask myself why and become aware of exactly how I’m feeling, what needs to be released or changed to feel joy once again.

I know there are more steps I can and will do to work towards a great 2016 and I will fall short at times. But I also know that I will forgive myself and let myself fail. Falling short is not failure….not picking myself up and trying again is.

Now it’s your turn…what can you release and let go of for 2015? Where do you want 2016 to take you? What can you do to get there?

You have the power within you. The power to find your truth and true path. To be where you need to be for your highest good. 

 New Year 2016

Make 2016 your best year ever!

In light and love,

Cheryl Pastor

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