Reiki can’t do what!

I thought it was Universal Life Force Energy and powerful energy at that! What do you mean Reiki can’t do something?

Definition of Reiki

Reiki is a very powerful life force energy that comes from the Universe and jump starts our own healing energy at all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. But sometimes Reiki doesn’t work the way we think it should.

Whenever we ask for healing, we tend to have pre-conceived ideas of HOW it should heal and HOW it should make our lives better. But Reiki doesn’t always work they way WE think it should so we think it’s not working.

Reiki can't get your ex back

It may not bring your ex back into your life into a loving relationship. It may not heal someone or yourself of cancer. It may not get you that job or house.

But what Reiki CAN do is bring you the healing you NEED. It works the way that you need it to at a particular time.

Reiki de-stresses

Reiki may not bring your ex back but it may allow you to find peace and move on to a better life.

Reiki may not heal you or a loved one of cancer, but it may allow you to find the doctor or medical care you need or even better, allow you to find peace or help you with your grieving.

Reiki may not get you the job or house that you think you want, but it will get you the job or house that you need.

Reiki also allows you to find peace and calmness, feel grounded and able to make clear decisions that are best for you at this exact time in your life. When you are less stressed, your own immune system kicks in, you’re able to think clearly and enjoy the life you have, living in the moment.

Do yourself a favor and discover Reiki.

In love and light,

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