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Thank you so much for your amazing work

It is wonderful to know that my son is receiving your wonderful Distant Reiki during this time. I have to say that I could see a visible difference in his positivity, which was really reassuring and lovely. I cannot thank you enough Cheryl. We are so very, very grateful and blessed to have you.

Janet, UK

I was feeling out of balance, stressed, and sluggish

Joy Phillips

I recently had my first chakra reading/healing session with Cheryl and it was AMAZING! I suspected there was something out of balance in one or more of my chakra energy centers because I was feeling out of balance, stressed, and sluggish. Cheryl skillfully and gently guided me through each one of my 7 chakra energy centers, which was incredibly enlightening and soothing. After just one session with Cheryl, I walked away feeling lighter - as if something had shifted in me creating a very peaceful and relaxing feeling throughout my mind and body. What I loved most about working with Cheryl is that she provided me with the steps I needed to experience that same deeply relaxing experience at any time on my own. I highly recommend working with Cheryl!

Vivian Joy Phillips, PhD
Founder of Once Upon An Archetype

One with the energy

Reiki helped me to fully align my heart. It feels wonderful to be one with the energy from this powerful Source.

Thank you for the wonderful experience. I now know why it had to be you...you reflected the side I needed and yet could not see at the time...until now.

Nita Ram

From such a loving space...

Mary Mareroa

Getting a reading from Cheryl with her connection to her guides and the angels has been a wonderful experience. My reading came from such a loving space. I was delighted how she was able to describe aspects of my situation with accurate detail. But I was blown away that a dilemma that I never asked about, came through in the reading. She helped me solve a dilemma as well as giving me great intuitive guidance. I highly recommend getting a reading from Cheryl.

Mary Maireroa
Mary Intuitive

Insightful and truthful reading

I had heard that Cheryl Pastor was talented, but I was taken aback by my first reading with her…her message from the angels and my Spirit Guides was exactly what I needed and outlined what I was turning my back on at the moment. Thanks again Cheryl for an insightful and truthful reading. I have a HUGE appreciation and respect for you, your style, and your flowing of information. I look forward to my next one with you!

Ellen Condon

Helpful and Comforting...

Christine Stephens

Cheryl’s reading was very helpful and comforting. The information that came through was accurate and relevant. She knew nothing about me or concerns that were happening in my life – but it was unbelievable the information that came through.

Cheryl’s reading was very professional and the information she provided was in an easy-to-read format. Information that came through in the reading provided me guidance of things to do when I was feeling certain emotions.

Cheryl also provided me with some “homework” which allowed me to feel empowered when additional information came through me. The reading and the homework were very helpful even when re-reading a month later!

Thank you Cheryl for an amazing and special reading.

Christine Stephens

What a wonderful gift...

Ann Hanlon

Thanks so much for the chakra reading…very interesting and fun to read! You explained everything very well which was helpful since I have no knowledge of any of this. This was really wonderful – what a wonderful gift you have!

Ann Hanlon